by Exebelle

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This is our fifth EP in the span of 3 years and we hope that you like it.


released February 9, 2011

Exebelle is...
Philip Heesen, III: Lead and harmony vocals, electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin, drums and percussion

Kerry Hutcherson: Lead and harmony vocals, pedal steel guitar, mandolin, acoustic guitar and percussion

Ryan Owenby: Lead and harmony vocals, bass guitar and percussion

Ben Willson: Lead and harmony vocals, Nord keyboard and percussion

Also Featuring...
Jesse Wells: Fiddle
Drew Willson: Banjo
Travis Tucker: Harmony vocals

Engineered by...
Travis Tucker & Robbie King

Mixed, Mastered and Produced by...
Travis Tucker & Exebelle

Album Art by...
Sarah Lapallo



all rights reserved


Exebelle Richmond, Virginia

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Track Name: Now We Both Know (That You Knew First)
The sidewalk was new,
but it was falling apart.
And the ground is shifting,
but it was from the start.

The cracks grow a little wider,
And the rifts rise a little higher...

and now we both know, that you knew first.
You planned to go, leaving me worse.
So now I walk slow watching my step.
You keep what you stole, and I'll keep whats left.

The steel rail is strong,
and it keeps me on track.
And the train keeps moving,
and it never looks back.

The coal burns a little hotter,
and the pistons move faster...

and now we both know, that you knew first.
You planned to go, leaving me worse.
So now I walk slow watching my step.
You keep what you stole, and I'll keep whats left.

When time starts to drag,
and it's weighed by your conscience.
and the life you're living,
is guided by your best guess.
Track Name: Is That So?
A thousand years ago in a Japanese town
a girl dreamed up a lie.
She was eight days late so she knew what grew
inside her was her child.
And she never had a wedding band,
and her daddy had a fist for a hand,
so she pointed to the loneliest man in the town and said, "Hakuin raped me last night."

About four or five guards took a hatchet to his door,
and knocked the cups and bowls from his shelf.
They said, "You're wanted for the carnal knowledge of a girl,
now what do you say for yourself?"
He said, "Is that so?
Well, I guess I'll go."
And he never said a word about the girl or her lies as they chained him down in the jail.

Now weaker men fall on their knees and beg
when they're breakin' rocks all day,
but you'd never catch Hakuin restin' even once
though they sure weren't his dues to pay.
Nine months later the sheriff came to visit.
He said, "Hakuin, you've paid for what you did,
but the Emperor's law dictates that you've gotta skip town and take care of this kid."
He said, "Is that so?
Well, I guess we'll go."
He took the baby on his back in a soft little sack
and carried him on over the hills.

And the boy grew up so fast,
And his mother's heart burst at last,
And her lips couldn't hold the secret so she told that the father was a sailor on a silk-tradin' vessel
and he lived somewhere in Siam.

Her parents climbed the cliffs to Hakuin's home,
and begged forgiveness on their knees.
They said, "Please give us back our dear grandson,
he's more precious than the skies or the seas."
He said, "Is that so?
Well, I'll let him go,"
and Hakuin smiled as he slept in the shade underneath the branches of a tree.